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MPT Jurisdiction Map

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The counties of - Kent, Lake, Manistee, Mason, Mecosta, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana, Osceola, Ottawa, and Ionia with the exception of the townships of Portland and Danby. We also have the northern tier of Townships in Barry and Allegan Counties. Those townships are as follows - Laketown, Filmore, Overisel, Salem, Dorr, Leighton, Thornapple, Irving, Carlton and Woodland.


U. A. Local Union 85
Saginaw, MI
6705 Weiss St.
P.O. Box 6547
Saginaw, MI 48608
Office Phone: (989)799-5261
Fax: (989)791-3468
Website: www.ualocal85.org


Plumbers Local Union 98
Detroit, MI
555 Horace Brown Drive
Madison Heights, MI 48071
Office Phone: (248)307-9800
Fax: (248)307-9898
Website: www.ualocal98.org

U.A. Local Union 111
Upper Peninsula, MI
2601 North 30th Street
Escanaba, MI 49829
Office Phone: (906)789-9784
Fax: (906)789-9799
Email: achaillier@ua111.com
Website: www.lu111.com


U.A. Local Union 172
South Bend, IN
4172 Ralph Jones Court
South Bend, IN 46628

U.A. Local Union 174
West Michigan
Plumbers, Fitters & Service Trades
1008 OMalley Drive
Coopersville, MI 49404
Office Phone: (616)837-0222
Fax: (616)837-1222
Email: nschumaker@ua174.org
Website: www.ua174.org


U.A. Local Union 190
Ann Arbor, MI
7920 Jackson Rd., Ste. B
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Office Phone: (734)424-0962
Fax: (734)424-0974
Email: info@ua190.org
Website: www.ua190.org

U.A. Local Union 333
Lansing, MI
5405 S. Martin L. King Jr. Blvd.
Lansing, MI 48911-3543
Office Phone: (517)393-5480
Fax: (517)393-0798
Website: www.ua333.org


U. A. Local Union 357
Kalamazoo, MI
11847 Shaver Road
Schoolcraft, MI 49087
(269) 679-2570

U.A. Local Union 370
Flint, MI
G-5500 W. Pierson Road
Flushing, MI 48433
Office Phone: (810)720-5243
Fax Phone: (810)732-3805
Email: ualocal370@comcast.net
Website: www.ualocal370.org


U.A. Local Union 636
Detroit, MI
30100 Northwestern Highway
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
Office Phone: (248)538-6636
Fax No: (248)538-7060
Website: www.pipefitters636.org
U.A. Local Union 671
Monroe, MI 
309 Detroit Avenue
Monroe, MI 48162
Office Phone: (734)242-5711
U.A. Local Union 704
Detroit, MI
32500 W. Eight Mile Road
Farmington, MI 48336
Office Phone: (248)474-7553
Fax: (248)474-0798
Email: sprnklr704@aol.com
Website: www.local704.com


Local Union #174 recognizes the importance of jobsite safety. Our members have been making safety a priority for generations. We know how important a safe project is to our contractors and our customers. All members who report to work will have an OSHA 10 Hour, CPR and Blood Borne Pathogens certifications. Safety is more than just classes or certifications, it is a behavior. We incorporate safety into every semester of our five year apprenticeship program. Our members have such a diverse training and work back ground that they are comfortable working in a variety of environments. We are also comfortable working with all piping systems and are familiar with the proper way to start, operate, drain and service these systems. Safety comes with experience. We are the most experienced plumbing and mechanical professionals in West Michigan. Our safety training started in 1891 and continues every day.

View our International Standard for Safety here.

The objects of this Association are to protect its members from unjust and injurious competition, and secure through unity of action among all workers of the industry throughout the United States and Canada, claiming, as we do, that labor is capital, and is the only capital that possesses power to reproduce itself or in other words, to create capital. Labor is the interest underlying all other interests; therefore, it is entitled to and should receive from society and government protection and encouragement. Mankind generally condemns that which they do not thoroughly understand and through prejudice and ignorance neglect to pay that strict attention and regard to the principle of unity for elevating their condition and for the accomplishment of good works which is so much required in creating confidence, generating esteem and respect, and for promoting harmony and good feeling among themselves; therefore, let every member weigh the substance of these laws within his mind and thus become qualified to determine upon that which is herein set forth in the spirit of sincerity and honesty of purpose. (Taken from the UA's Constitution's preamble)



*Construction unions train our people with our own money. No government grants are involved. A portion of each construction worker's check pays for worker training. Repealing prevailing wage adversely affects the money we can devote to apprentice training and safety programs.

*The Michigan Prevailing Wage Act was enacted in 1966.

*Research by Harvard and Stanford Universities found that in 10 states that repealed their prevailing wage laws in the 1980s, construction workers' wages fell 17.5 percent.

*How would lower wages be good for Michigan

Will the lower income affect our ability to fund our own health care programs Our own pension programs We self-fund our own programs. Of course it would have a negative effect.

*Will lower wages affect productivity? If you're trading a higher-skilled, higher-paid worker for a lower-skilled, lower-paid worker, are labor costs going to be the same? Or is the lower-skilled worker going to take longer to do his job? Generally, you get what you pay for.

*There are academic studies every few years, some from reputable sources, some not, that come out and say prevailing wage either raises or lowers or doesn't affect the cost of construction.

*One study that looks at Michigan specifically.

People forget that in 1994, Federal Judge Cleland overturned Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act, and he said it was pre-empted by federal ERISA laws. An appeals court overturned Cleland two-and-a-half years later, but during that time, Michigan's prevailing wage act was not enforced.

*Michiga's example is used a lot by Labor Professor Peter Phillips of the University of Utah. He gets invited all around the country to talk about what happened in Michigan and other states when prevailing wage laws are revoked.

He found there was no statistical difference in costs to the state when the prevailing wage laws weren't in effect.

*We've often cited Phillips' original study on the effects of prevailing wage repeal in Michigan, Kansas and New Mexico was successfully used in March 1999 to convince a majority of Michigan legislators at the time not to go along with repeal efforts.

*Phillips also did a 2001 study of the elimination or temporary suspension of prevailing wage laws for school projects in the states of Kentucky and Ohio and found no meaningful statistical differences.

*Dr. Dale Belman from Michigan State has also conducted a couple of studies over the last few years and found that any savings from prevailing wage repeal in our state is likely to be small or nonexistent.

*The Mackinac Center said when Michigan's law was repealed that more than 11,000 new jobs were created during those two and a half years. They failed to point up those were tremendous boom times for Michigan construction.

*Take away prevailing wages and you take away a level playing field. You're likely to see unscrupulous contractors hiring a flood of undocumented workers because they have no government oversight on their wages. People say let the market decide wages and who is hired. I say I don't trust the market to hire the right people when all they're looking at is the bottom line.

*Few anti-prevailing wage studies take into effect the increased efficiency of higher-paid, higher-skilled workers, increased maintenance costs brought on by lower-quality work, the cost to society in terms of the greater number of uninsured workers, and the shifting of training costs to the public sector.

*Construction is a seasonal, dirty, difficult and dangerous job. A lot of job classifications require a higher degree of training than anyone gives us credit for.

*Some opponents of prevailing wage laws claim the cost savings of removing the law are anywhere between 10 and 30 percent savings to a municipality. On average labor costs are 25 percent or so of total construction costs on a job. To get to 25 percent savings, construction workers would have to work for free.

The following websites have more information on prevailing wage:



What Have Unions Done for Us?

8-hour day
5-day work week
Health Insurance
Good pensions
Higher wages
Job security
Overtime pay
Job safety
Family and medical leave
Fair treatment for women, people of all ethnic backgrounds, and those with disabilities

As a non-union Plumber, Pipefitter and HVACR Technician you are selling the best years of your life - hour by hour - day by day - on the installment plan without a contract! Your employer would never dream of performing work without a contract.

Our members recognize that our ability to exceed our custome's expectations hinges on the education and training of our workforce. Local Union #174 Training is completely self-funded. Our members contribute nearly $800,000 annually to our training fund. We have a Department of Labor certified five year apprenticeship program.  Each Local Union #174 apprentice receives in depth on the job training coupled with a paid apprenticeship class day once every other week.  Once an apprentice graduates and becomes a journeyman the training doesn't stop.  Continuing education and journeyman training allows our member to stay ahead of the ever advancing technology in our industry. Our journeymen commit to more than 10,000 hours annually in upgrade training. We believe safety is the single most important factor on construction sites today. That is why all Local #174 members carry the OSHA 10 Hour Safety Certification. When our members show up on the job you can expect a trained, certified, safe and productive workforce.

Click here to view our current Building Trades apprenticeship curriculum

Click here to view our service Service Trades apprenticeship curriculum




Jeffrey Wilkerson
Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer

Bob Barnett
Assistant Business Manager

Jason Finch
Business Agent

Lisa Johnson
Accounting Manager

Cami Burris
Administrative Assistant

Bob Derby
Training Coordinator

Al Balcam
Service Trades Instructor

Nicole Schumaker
Training Assistant


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