In July of 1891 The United Association of Journeyman and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry recognized and chartered Local Union #70 of Grand Rapids Michigan. This made Grand Rapids the home of the first Plumbing and Pipefitting Union in Michigan. In March of 1900 Local Union #154 in Muskegon was chartered by the United Association. For nearly a century these two unions worked together, training and providing the best plumbing and mechanical workforce in West Michigan. In July of 1998 The United Association made sweeping mergers throughout the United States, and as a result the Muskegon and Grand Rapids Locals combined to form West Michigan Plumbers, Fitters and Service Trades Local Union #174. The Local’s jurisdiction includes 13 counties in West Michigan. In October of 1999 we opened our headquarters in Coopersville. Our members have been working hard in our communities for over 110 years. Our commitment to providing a licensed, certified, safe and cost effective work force helps to ensure that we will be active in our communities for years to come.

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